Angkor’s Away in Old Yangon

Richard Mackay recently presented a public lecture in Yangon for the Association of Myanmar Architects. The well-attended talk outlined arrangements for managing and conserving cultural heritage at Angkor, Cambodia, under the Heritage Management Framework prepared by GML Heritage between 2010 and 2014, under the auspices of the Australian and Cambodian Governments and UNESCO.yht-1

The presentation focused particularly on the Angor Tourism Management Plan, highlighting how it is possible to improve visitor experiences, while reducing site impacts and providing benefits for local people. Richard also demonstrated the interactive Risk Map that records and provides easy access to key data about the Angkor World Heritage site, to facilitate well-informed decision making.

The presentation was very timely and relevant, in view of the current circumstances of the ancient city of Bagan, which suffered a severe earthquake earlier this year Bagan is also likely to be the subject of a future nomination to the World Heritage List, which may result in significant increase in tourist numbers.bagan

While in Myanmar, Richard visited Bagan and discussed heritage management and tourism with UNESCO colleagues, and  inspected some of the major colonial buildings in Yangon, courtesy of the Yangon Heritage Trust, which a has recently launched its Heritage Strategy for the conservation and development of Old Yangon.