Cultural Tourism

Tourism Plans

Globally, cultural tourism is burgeoning, especially at World Heritage properties. Giving heritage a ‘life in the community’ is a delicate balancing act which requires an understanding of local people, tourism markets and visitor dynamics. Richard Mackay has led and co-ordinated teams in preparing tourism and heritage plans for iconic cultural sites in Asia and Australia.

Angkor World Heritage Area, Cambodia, Tourism Management Plan ─ GML Heritage for: UNESCO and the APSARA National Authority, Royal Government of Cambodia.

Image courtesy of GML Heritage


Interpreting the values of significant places is part of good conservation practice and serves to connect people with their heritage. Richard Mackay has pioneered innovative interpretation techniques; particularly public participation in archaeology and sharing the outcomes from archaeological investigations with the Australian community, through the media, events, educational resources and publications.

The ‘Big Dig’ Archaeological Project and Sydney Harbour YHA—GML Heritage for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and YHA Ltd.

Image courtesy of GML Heritage


Understanding the connections between people and their places is fundamental to assessing heritage value and fostering an ‘inclusive’ approach to heritage management and interpretation, particularly in a tourism context. Mackay Strategic appreciates the importance of meaningful relationships and genuine engagement with community stakeholders so that their perspectives can be heard and their needs and aspirations can be appropriately addressed.

Contemporary Indigenous Values of the Greater Blue MountainsGreater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Advisory Committee, to inform re-assessment of Greater Blue Mountains for the National Heritage List.