The Mackay Strategic Logo


Lake Mackay, also known as ‘Waiakoo’ or ‘Wilkinkarra’: Zakius Tjakamarra Jack, Haaststs Bluff

The unique logo for Mackay Strategic presents an image from this painting: ‘Lake Mackay or Waiakoo’ by Indigenous artist Zakius Tjakamarra Jack from the Haaststs Bluff community in the Western Desert. Lake Mackay is also known as ‘Wilkinkarra’. The painting depicts the time when a bushfire came from the east and turned the land into ‘Mackay’!

Zakius began painting in mid-2008. He is the youngest son of renowned Ikuntji artists, the late Gideon Tjururrula Jack and Eunice Napanangka Jack. As an emerging young male Ikuntji artist, Zakius began painting his Father’s country of Wilkinkarra in mid-2008. In this work he simply and elegantly depicts the lake as his late Father (Gideon Jack) did during his years painting at Hassts Bluff and Kintore. Zakius has already featured in a number of exhibitions and is represented in galleries in Australia and France.

Designers Erica Powell and Sally Woellner from Agency have extracted an evocative and meaningful part of the image to depict an iconic representation of the painting, while preserving  the original, hand-made artistic character in a recognisable brand mark with a bold personality. The logo retains the dot painting technique in the edges of the design, offering authentic character and personality.

I am very grateful to Zakius Tjakamarra Jack and to Dr Chrischona Schmidt, Manager, Ikuntji Artists for permission to use this wonderful work.

You can see more of the work of this artist and the Haasts Bluff community at:

The Image embodies traditional knowledge of the Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff community. It was created with the consent of the custodians of the community. Dealing with any part of it for any purpose that has not been authorised by the custodians would be a serious breach of the customary laws of the Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff community, and may also breach the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

For enquiries about this and other permitted reproduction and use of the Image, please contact Ikuntji Artists Aboriginal Corporation: