Papua New Guinea and World Heritage

Mackay Strategic has been providing advice to the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority in PNG about possible future nominations to the World Heritage List.

PNG is a signatory to the World Heritage Convention and the Government of Australia has been providing support to PNG in fulfilment of its obligations, particularly through the Kokoda Initiative.

Richard Mackay at Kokoda December 2014During meetings and workshops and in both Cairns and Port Moresby, Richard Mackay (Mackay Strategic) and Peter Hitchcock provided advice about a possible approach to future World Heritage nominations. Richard’s contribution was focused on the Kokoda Track and Owen Stanley Ranges, following a ‘roadmap’ report prepared by GML Heritage in 2015. Peter provided a briefing on places which have been identified, assessed and are considered to meet the relevant criteria for Outstanding Universal Value.

Participants included representatives from the Australian and PNG Government, representing different agencies and the PNG World Heritage Committee.

Discussions were focused on requirements for World Heritage nomination, the selection of potential sites, the need to establish a coordinated program and the importance of protection and management, as well as integrity and authenticity to establishing and maintaining Outstanding Universal Value.

Photo: courtesy GML Heritage Pty Ltd