What We Do

Mackay Strategic is a boutique provider of expert services in cultural heritage.

We offer strategic expert advice on public policy, government liaison and particular experience in World and National Heritage.

Mackay Strategic can provide authoritative assessment of Indigenous and historic cultural values and is skilled in the preparation of heritage management plans and other management documentation, which can contribute to effective asset management, statutory compliance or project development.

We have extensive experience in impact assessment, delivery of sound strategic advice and preparation of ‘heritage impact statements’ or other documentation that may be required for project evaluation or approvals. We are closely familiar with relevant statutory requirements and have excellent working relationships with heritage agencies and authorities.

Mackay Strategic can work with government, industry and communities to facilitate sustainable cultural tourism and foster development of local livelihoods. We also provide a range of innovative and inspiring approaches to the interpretation and presentation of cultural sites and stories.

Richard Mackay is an effective facilitator of planning workshops and consultation programs.

Mackay Strategic brings unrivalled experience in the management and investigation of Indigenous and historical archaeological resources, in both urban and rural contexts.

Richard Mackay, AM is an established expert whose opinions and advice inform corporate and government decision-makers and are recognised by the courts.